Monday, December 30, 2019

the last post

More than 800 posts and fourteen and a half years ago, this blog came into being with its zeroeth post.  Now it's time to turn off the lights.  This blog was about my life as a single, which to me meant cycling and traveling more than chasing girls.  My life is different now.  I have a family and do boring things.  Nothing to write about.  This is why this blog is now closed.

Except, there is something to write about.  Something very different from what I used to cover.  Something not particularly funny or even amusing, but something I need to get out.  That's why I've started a new blog.  More than forty posts since September attest to its vigor, though the pace has slowed a bit lately.  If you want to know how (as opposed to what) I'm doing, visit me over at Hemicolon.

For everyone else, it's goodbye.